CX NYC 2019


CX NYC 2019

Pre-Forum Programs

Monday, June 10
1:00-5:00 PM

Option 1
Smarter Design: Data, AI and The Future of CX Design
Pre-Registration Required - Pricing: $299

AI and machine learning are powerful tools that can undercover new insights from reams of unstructured data, discern patterns and inferences invisible to the human eye, and drive rapid, iterative testing of products and services.
Now, innovative brands are putting the power of data science and AI to work in the design and delivery of their customer experiences.
Join us for this forwarding-leaning program focused on emerging best practices of this new, exciting discipline:
  • How CX pros can connect and partner with your data, AI and CX teams
  • How AI-driven insights can power your CX strategy and design decisions
  • How machine learning can refine and improve your CX programs in real-time
Participating Forrester analysts include:
Brandon Purcell, Principal Analyst, Forrester
Kjell Carlsson, Senior Analyst, Forrester
Maxie Schmidt, Principal Analyst, Forrester
And others

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Option 2
Workshop: Journey Map Like A Pro
Pre-Registration Required - Pricing: Pricing: $499 for Clients, $599 for Non-Clients, $399 for Government Nonprofit

Despite making customer experience a strategic priority, Forrester's research shows that many companies still fail to deliver a great customer experience across all customer touchpoints. A common root cause? Lack of both customer understanding and how behind-the-scenes internal processes influence customer interactions. For companies to make significant and lasting customer experience improvements, they must first understand what’s really happening within their ecosystem, identify root causes of customer experience problems and moments of enhancement opportunity, and then prioritize initiatives to move forwards.
Hosted by:

TJ Keitt, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Option 3
Workshop: Elevate Customer Experiences Through Experience Design
Pre-Registration Required - Pricing: Pricing: $499 for Clients, $599 for Non-Clients, $399 for Government Nonprofit

Customer experience is the new battle ground to win, serve, and retain your customers. Creating great customer experiences is more than knowing design thinking or the key user experience disciplines — such as customer understanding, scenarios, co-creation, iterative prototyping, and usability testing. It’s about knowing when and how to apply these tools. This workshop includes hands-on exercises to equip you with the skills to use customer research to feed insights, turn insights into concepts, and then iterate them to improve and innovate on experiences. Professionals from customer experience, design, marketing, product management, research, and more will learn key takeaways including:
  • Introduction of key concepts: Understand key concepts and critical components of modern experience design.
  • Training: Apply proven methodologies to a mock context and learn about best practices.
  • Tools to apply: Find out about available tools, resources, and internal collaborators to help you understand and apply these principles going forward.
Hosted by:

Andrew Hogan, Senior Analyst, Forrester