ICCA Congress 2019
ICCA Association Meetings Programme
Durban, South Africa, 18-20 June 2019

58th ICCA Congress

Houston, U.S.A.
27 - 30 October 2019
Important notice:
- The Business Exchange at the ICCA Congress will be held one day prior to the ICCA Congress, on Saturday 26 October 2019 in the afternoon, 15.00-18.00!
- Deadline to submit a lead is 26 September 2019 -
- If you received a BE confirmation email from the ICCA BE team note that your presence is required in this session. No-shows may result in your company being excluded in future BE sessions and access to the BE leads in the association database will be withdrawn.
What is the Business Exchange (BE)?
  • Still potentially the most valuable part of the Congress in terms of Return on Investment is the Business Exchange. Rather like speed-dating with business leads, it is the easiest way to find new business leads for your venue or destination.

    Once you have won an association meeting, it isn’t likely to come back to the same destination for approximately 10-15 years. And once the event is secured, there are two things you can do with your acquired information about that meeting: you can save it in your archive, where in a couple of years it will be too out-dated to use again. Or you can exchange this information for up to date and current inside information on other events you might win now. The latter you can do at the BE.

    All ICCA members are invited to take part in the BE. To get an idea of the type of information which is being exchanged at the BE sessions, please see an example of the required forms for participation here: BE form

Business Lead Criteria
  • 1. Your lead must attract at least an average of 250 participants.

  • 2. Your lead must be held on a regular basis.

  • 3. Your lead must rotate between at least 3 different countries.

  • 4. You must have won the lead which you are proposing.

  • 5. In case of a past meeting, it should not have taken place more than 2 years ago.

  • 6. Make sure that you have inside knowledge about your lead which you obtained by bidding for or with organizing/hosting the meeting. Be aware of the fact that you need to share this information with other BE participants during the BE session(s).

  • Note that the bigger the rotation area is; the more interesting your Lead will be for the other BE participants. (For instance; a meeting with a World/ International rotation will generate interest with more members than a meeting which only rotates between German speaking countries.)

How to propose a lead?
  • First you will have to register for the event. During this registration process you will be asked if you are interested in the business exchange and you can thick the box if you want to participate. If you have ticked the box and completed the registration process you will receive a separate email closer to the event. The instructions also include a link to an online application form where you will need to complete information on the event you are putting forward for the Business Exchange. This form needs to be submitted before the deadline 26 September 2019.

    Make sure that your lead fits the BE criteria.

    Below you will find a short video on how to submit a lead:

  • If you have already registered for the Congress and you did not indicate that you would like to participate in the BE but you still want to participate in BE, please send an email indicating your interest in participating in the BE to our events department “not later than a week before the deadline”. This way we still will be able to send you the BE form, receive it back and to verify and process it on time.

  • Special Note: It is not possible to register as an observer for this session! The BE session is designed in such a way that first time attendees can easily take part in this session. Furthermore everybody that wants to participate in this session needs to participate with his/her own lead. A Lead cannot be represented by more than one person during this session.

How will the Business Exchange work at the Event?
  • Approximately two weeks before the BE session starts you will receive a BE schedule via e-mail. Only if you have received a confirmation email from ICCA that your BE lead has been accepted you will receive this BE schedule. In this BE schedule you will find all the BE participants with their leads and also in which round and at which table each lead will be presented.

    During the BE session you will have to give information which is not mentioned in the BE form and answer questions about your lead to other BE participants. If you are not scheduled to present your lead during one of the rounds, you are free to join any other table unless the seats at that table are full. If the seats are full, we kindly would like to ask you to join another table.

    Please have a look at the video below for more information:


Business Exchange FAQ

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