About Us

The Mind Your Own Business Conference is presented by HOW magazine, the creative and business resource for graphic designers.

Like HOW magazine, the Mind Your Own Business Conference addresses the business side of the creative-service business—and recognizes that making the transition from writer or designer to successful businessperson can be challenging. Establishing your business, achieving growth, and balancing your roles as CEO, CFO and HR director...it's a stark suit-and-tie contrast to the loose-and-creative world of communications.

At the Mind Your Own Business Conference, you get the business savvy you need from experts who specialize in working with creatives. Conference sessions cover everything from recruiting and keeping talented employees to managing your finances to winning new business—all geared specifically for principals and directors of design and creative-service firms.

For every event we invite the top business minds to speak in a resort location, and limit the number of attendees so you can comfortably network with speakers and peers during your mini-sabbatical. The result is 3 incredibly productive days, from which you'll emerge with a clearer picture of your company, its potential and a specific plan for reaching it. We hope to see you in Nashville, or at a future MYOB Conference. We know you won't be disappointed.

F+W Media

HOW magazine, the HOW Design Live Conferences and the Mind Your Own Business Conference are all products of F+W Media, a leading publisher of special-interest magazines and books since 1913. F+W's products serve a diverse mix of people who pursue their hobbies and careers with passion. Writers, artists, graphic designers, product designers, photographers, woodworkers, genealogists and more ... all linked by a desire to be more successful at what they do. Our mission is to produce publications—and conferences—that pave the way for that success.