Tizen Conference call for papers (CFP)
Tizen Conference Call for Papers

The call for papers is now closed, we invited proposals for presentations in a wide variety of areas which are listed below, please stay tuned for session notifications March 26 and posted conference schedule March 29. You can register for the conference now or you can wait until March 26, when sessions will be announced, to find out if your proposal has been accepted. 

The first annual Tizen Conference engages and educates developers on Tizen technology and HTML5 app development for Tizen devices. This conference is for Tizen developers, app developers, platform designers, operators, OEMs, hardware vendors, software vendors, open-source enthusiasts, and anyone engaged in Tizen.The Tizen conference will be hosted at the downtown Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, CA on May 7-9th, 2012.

Application development and deployment

  • Upcoming and popular applications (development stories, sharing experiences, etc.)
  • Tizen API and SDK (tutorials, news, tips and tricks for making great applications, development tools, and helpers)
  • HTML5 app development strategies for Tizen devices (smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, IVI, and Netbook)
  • Design guidelines and User Experience (different Tizen device categories, form factors, crossing the boundaries between them, and differentiation)
  • Deploying Tizen apps worldwide, including App stores and monetization, internationalization, and localization

Device/Product development

  • New devices and product development stories (experiences, process, challenges, differentiation)
  • Improvements and developments in Tizen hardware adaptation (performance, power, Linux kernel developments, porting process, etc.)
  • Information around supported hardware platforms (tutorials/introductions, improvements/developments, and challenges)
  • Platform tools and process (tutorials/introductions, improvements/developments, tips and tricks, etc.)
  • Quality Assurance (methods, tools, tutorials, and experiences)
Platform development
  • Platform overview and key components (status and roadmap)
  • Platform tools and process (tutorials/introductions, improvements/developments, tips and tricks, etc.)
  • Quality Assurance (methods, tools, tutorials, and experiences)

Tizen project, process, and progress

  • Activity reports from various project areas
  • Project challenges and discussions on project and process
  • Outreach - engaging companies, governments, and others
  • Community building and fostering
  • Documentation, artwork, infrastructure

We also welcome submissions on any other Tizen related topics. Be creative. The program committee will look at every submission to create a vibrant and interesting conference.

If you will need travel support, please note this in your registration.

Timeline for CFP and conference information:
February 16 Conference CFP and registration open
March 26 Keynote Announcements
March 15 (23:59 PST) CFP was closed
March 26  Session proposals accepted and session submitters notified
March 29  Session schedule posted on conference site


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