2018 Psychiatry Symposium

A message from the Chair and Planning Committee

The Department of Psychiatry is proud to announce the return of the Regional Symposium to bring all of us together again, to explore advancements in our field and integrate best practices into our patient care.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about some new and ongoing challenges in our field, including

  • Cannabis use
  • Physician burnout epidemic
  • The roller coaster of treatment-resistant Bipolar Disorder.
  • New/future Treatments in Psychiatry
  • Managing Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications
  • Atypical Antipsychotics for Aggression – Can We Do Better?
  • Adult ADHD Management

Participants will be discussing some of our challenging cases with both local and national experts in a highly interactive and collegial atmosphere. This will also herald a new beginning of structured networking activities aimed at breaking down silos and creating a broader synergistic perspective through connections with other service areas.

Benefits of attending:

  • Discuss your most challenging cases with experts and SCPMG peers
  • Improve work efficiency, physician satisfaction and wellness
  • Incorporate successful practices into your own unique style
  • Meet and network with SCPMG Psychiatry colleagues
  • Return to practice with inspiration and renewed confidence (sleep well at night)

We are delighted about your interest in this event, and are excited about the thought leaders sharing their expertise this year. I look forward to seeing you at the symposium this fall!

Pranav Shah, MD
Symposium Chair
Kaiser Permanente, Orange County