Association Meetings Programme 2019
ICCA Association Meetings Programme
Durban, South Africa, 18-20 June 2019

ICCA Association Meetings Programme

Durban, South Africa
18-20 June 2019
Abalindi Welfare Society

Leave a legacy, make an impact, give something back to your host destination! This year, we’re supporting the Abalindi Welfare Society, a tranquil, supportive hospice for the elderly, children and terminally ill people of KwaZulu-Natal province.

Abalindi has a big vision: provide preventative and institutional services, and developmental care for all those who need it within Kwazulu-Natal’s communities. With the support of our international group of ICCA Friends, we will be raising money for new kitchen equipment, such a stove, to support Abalindi in caring for the community and creating jobs for local people.

And we invite all participants to ICCA AMP 2019 to each bring an item from the following list for the children and elderly at Abalindi -  a collection point will be set up at the Durban International Convention Centre. We will hand them over to the Centre at the end of the AMP.

Abalindi wish list:
- Toys (puzzles, coloring books, stuffed toys, etc.)
- Clothing for children (5-18 yrs)
- School bags
- Scientific calculators
- Sanitary pads for girls
- Volleyball net and balls, soccer ball, badminton set
- Sleepers / morning shoes (size 6-10)
- Small radios
- Juice glasses
- Cutlery, bowls, plates & cups

If you would like to support the CSR project with a donation to the Abalindi Welfare Society, please find the bank details here:
Name of the Bank: Standard Bank
Account Name: Abalindi Welfare Society
Account Number: 050170538
Branch Code: 040026
Purpose of payment: "ICCA AMP"

To get your chance to support this facility even more by planting trees and doing some paint work, make sure you pre-register for the CSR activity on Tuesday 18 June from 08:00 - 11:30!
A maximum of only 20 places are available. Pre-registration opens soon. 

Watch Esmare and Sina showing you around in the institution:

Watch our interview with Pastor Sibisi:

Read about the Durban ICC and Hilton Durban commitment to sustainability below.

Durban ICC's Exceptional Environmental Management

Today, a conference venue of the stature of the Durban ICC is judged on more than its ability to meet the complexities of global conference needs. There are other less visible, but no less valuable, criteria on which global players base decisions as to where to host their significant events. Increasingly, the world is insisting that award-winning venues, such as the Durban ICC, walk the talk of sustainable architecture, environmentally responsible design, and on-going green initiatives.
From the outset, the Durban ICC’s commitment to environmental responsibility and compliance with international standards has been steadfast. The advanced design of the complex through all its phases integrated cutting-edge technologies, and utilised skills and materials which promoted a greener, ultra-sustainable environment, both inside and out. Whilst this commitment is a way of life at the Durban ICC which influences every aspect of the way the Centre is run, it is best demonstrated by the maintenance of the ISO 14001 certification which the company achieved and has maintained since 2011. This stringent global rating verifies that the Centre is minimising its harmful effects on the environment and works continually to improve its environmental performance.

Read about Durban ICC joining the anti-straw-campaign, about the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System they have in place or download their SHE policy. On top of that Durban ICC recycles all waste in the venue, the bin linings are plastic but they would collect the waste and the plastic would also be recycled.

Hilton's corporate responsibility strategy

Travel with Purpose is Hilton’s corporate responsibility strategy to redefine and advance sustainable travel and tourism globally. Every day we work to make the world a better place, driving positive social and environmental change across our operations, our supply chain and our communities. Being responsible social and environmental stewards is engrained in our culture; it’s who we are and who we always want to be. 
Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our North Star, we work together to co-develop and scale innovative solutions that preserve natural resources and ensure inclusive growth for all across our value chain. Read more about the Sustainable Development Goals here

Check out the estimated environmental impact of ICCA AMP attendees' accommodation below and find out more about Hilton's environmental efforts.