BI & Analytics Perspectives 2012
Thank you for attending Computerworld’s BI & Analytics Perspectives Conference! We hope you found our solution-rich agenda featuring advice-packed case studies delivered by seasoned executives, informative and enlightening. We also hope that you were able to not only gather contemporary viewpoints and takeaways in sessions, but that you had ample networking opportunities to consult with expert practitioners who offered direction and guidance in optimizing your BI portfolio.
This year's theme: The Analytics Advantage - Converting Big Data to Business Growth

Topics explored:
  • Leveraging Big Data for Business Growth: how to identify and capitalize on what you know to quantifiably increase the bottom line
  • Implementing Pervasive Analytics: mining data from social networks, mobile devices and all customer channels
  • Developing Top-Notch Analytics Teams: how to build your own business intelligence centers of excellence
  • Improving Data Visualization: effectively managing the data deluge
  • Integrating Hadoop: understanding how open source technologies align with enterprise analytics plans
  • Moving to the Cloud: how cloud fits into big data and business intelligence
With a slate of marquee speakers, unique networking opportunities and in-depth sessions, we are sure this conference helped you yield practical lessons and visionary solutions to gain an analytics advantage.
Sessions included:
  • A Roadmap for BI and Analytics Success
  • Building Your Bench: Where and How to Find the Analytics Talent You Need
  • Assembling and Optimizing an Enterprise BI Portfolio
  • Mobile BI
  • Leveraging Social Media Effectively
  • Integrating Big Data and BI
  • Real-Time Decisions: How to Create Quantifiable Business Value
  • Top Factors For Analytics Success
  • And many more
Who Attended:     Presenters Included:     Venue Information:  
  • CIOs & CTOs
  • VPs, Directors and Managers of IT
  • BI Executives, Directors and Managers
  • Business Executives with BI Responsibilities
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Miners
Jim Alexander, Senior Director, Business Analytics, Pittsburgh Pirates 

Dan Vesset, Program Vice President, Business Analytics Research, IDC
John Amato, Vice President & Publisher, Computerworld
Rickey Burks, SVP and CTO, USAA

Tarek ElHadidi, CIO, Freescale Semiconductor

Sam Lamonica, VP/CIO, Rosendin Electric
Andrew Lang, CIO, WellPoint, Inc.

Roberto Masiero, Vice President, Business, ADP Innovation Lab
Yin Nawaday, Director, Analytics and Process Management, Diamond Resorts International
Reid Nuttall, CIO, OGE Energy

Tamara Payne, Senior Vice President, IT, FedEx Services
Jack Phillips, CEO, International Institute for Analytics (IIA)
Greta Roberts, Faculty Member, International Institute of Analytics

A. Charles Thomas, Senior Vice President, IT, USAA
Jaikumar Vijayan, Senior Editor, Computerworld


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