Presented By: The Coalition for Career Development

The Coalition for Career Development represents many of the nation's leading government, business and education organizations. The two dozen members of our Advisory Board include the National Governors Association, Education Commission of the States, and National Association of Workforce Boards.

Our Vision:

The Coalition is committed to making career readiness a central focus of American education. We believe that providing all learners with high-quality career development would greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our education and workforce development systems, better meet the needs of employers for a skilled workforce, elevate the dignity of all work and help more young people achieve the American Dream.

Summit Details
National Career Development Summit
Wednesday 09/12/2018
8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel
999 Ninth Street NW, United States
Washington D.C.
Summit Overview

The National Career Development Summit will bring together leaders from government, education and business to design a plan to make career readiness a central priority in our national education system. The Summit will illustrate how this approach would help create a more effective, efficient and equitable education system. Invited speakers include Governors, Congressional leaders, prominent CEOs and educators. All participants will take part in facilitated breakout sessions, where they will be encouraged to share their suggestions in small-group settings. We encourage all attendees to come to the Summit with a pledge of what they or their organization will do to promote high-quality career development in the education system.