Desert Foot 2012
Desert Foot Podiatric Conference
Scanner Rental
The innovative Motorola Symbol Scanner enables companies to easily scan the badges of all attendees.

The tiny scanner is affordable and fits in your pocket or on a lanyard
You can reserve your scanner during your registration process or click on the button below.

The rental price is:
$299.00 prior to November 5th
$350.00 after November 5th

Managing the data in batch mode is easy. Once connected to a computer, the data that you scanned can be imported directly to your computer and opened using excel.

The easy to use Badge Scanner requires virtually no training to operate. The highly intuitive simple 2-button interface makes scanning easy. In addition, grooves that guide hand and fingers into the most comfortable scanning position combine with soft rubber trigger buttons to bring comfort to the most scan intensive tasks.

The large memory capacity allows you to capture as many scans as you can. The non-volatile memory ensures that batch data is retained. Best-in-class high performance scanning by Motorola. The integrated SE955 scan engine delivers Motorola’s world-renowned scanning quality and reliability. The wide working range provides extraordinary application flexibility, allowing users to capture bar codes from near contact to as far as 45 in./114.3 cm away, in virtually any lighting condition. And a time stamp can be automatically appended to each batch scan, providing additional business intelligence.


To use:
  1. Simply connect the smaller end of the usb cord into your scanner (remove the chrome cap, this is the hardest part it's really on there).

  2. Plug in the usb end into your laptop.

  3. Go to: and login with your login and password that you created (or you can create now)

  4. 3

  5. After you login you will be brought to the screen shown below and on this screen you now have to select which conference you want

  6. Then click browse and find the scanner (CS3000 ) and click on it

  7. Then click on SCANNED BARCODES to open that folder
  8. 7
  9. Then click on BARCODES.TXT file


  11. The list of attendess that you scanned for this conference will appear below on the screen - You can now click on DOWNLOAD CSV FILE and that's it.

  12. Now you can open this CSV file with excel (just remember where you saved it)