Honors Program 2012
Thank you for helping to make the Computerworld Honors Laureate Ceremony and Awards Gala such a successful event.

We truly hope you enjoyed this beautiful and special evening.

We thank you again for being a part of this celebration of innovation and leadership in the world of technology. It is because of your dedication and innovative work, the Computerworld Honors Program continues to be a success.
The Computerworld Honors Program is pleased to announce the Laureate Class of 2012.  
Established in 1988, The Computerworld Honors Program brings together the men, women, organizations and institutions around the world whose visionary applications of information technology promote positive social, economic and educational change.
Laureates' achievements will be recognized publicly at the Computerworld Honors Laureate Ceremony and Awards Gala being held at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington D.C. on June 4th, 2012. During this black tie ceremony, honorees are presented with a medallion inscribed with the Program's mission, "A Search for New Heroes." Additional recognition is given to five Laureates in each category who, selected by Program Judges to represent outstanding innovation, become Finalists for the 21st Century Achievement Award. One Finalist in each category is then named a 21st Century Achievement award winner, receiving special recognition by the Program Judges to be the very best among their peers.
The Computerworld Honors Laureate Ceremony and Awards Gala is moderated by Computerworld’s Executive Editor of Events, Julia King, and includes a cocktail reception and an elegant dinner.


To watch an overview video of the 2011 Gala Evening, please click here. To read the 2011 evening's program, click here. And to view a listing of the 2011 winners, please click here.

For information on the 2011 21st Century Achievement Award Winners and Finalists, view our news release. You can also find the list of 2011 Laureates and their case studies, the 2011 Morgan Stanley Leadership Award Winner, and the 21st Century Achievement Award Winners and Finalists here.


Awards Categories for 2012
The 2012 Computerworld Honors Program recognizes those organizations which create and use information technology to promote and advance the public welfare, benefit society and change the world for the better. The categories are:
  • Collaboration
  • Digital Access
  • Economic Development
  • Emerging Technology
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Innovation
  • Safety & Security
  • Training/Education
Click here for more details on each category.


Nomination Criteria

For 23 years, the Computerworld Honors Program has recognized organizations that use information technology to promote and advance the public welfare, benefit society and change the world for the better. Additional criteria for a Computerworld Honors technology project include the following:
  • Provides a significant benefit to society in one of the 10 outlined categories.
  • Addresses a social or humanitarian need, either alleviating or resolving it.
  • Is currently in use, and demonstrating measurable results for its target beneficiaries.
  • Develops a new technology, or takes an existing technology and applies it in novel way, to meet a specific social or humanitarian need.

  • In addition:
  • Projects nominated must have been completed or significantly expanded in the past two years (since October 2010) to qualify.
  • Nominations must fit at least one of the award categories described below. Note that Computerworld editors reserve the right to shift your project to another category, if suitable.
  • Anyone within or outside an organization may nominate a project for the program.
  • As always, international entries are enthusiastically encouraged.