HIMSS Asia Pacific Innovation Hub

Project RoboCARES
by Tetsuyu Healthcare Holdings Pte Ltd

What is Project RoboCARES?

CARES by Tetsuyu is a family of Care Management and Robotic applications that help eldercare providers raise staff productivity and care quality through tools, connectivity, easy user interface and knowledge database.

Imagine a future where care teams at homecare, nursing homes and hospitals work hand in hand on patient care without the limitations of distance or information. Where nurses assess, treat and monitor patient wounds alongside community care staff real time without leaving the hospital. Where doctors “walk” bed to bed at nursing homes during ward rounds, order treatments and chat with patients from any location. Or where nursing home nurses make evening ward rounds without leaving their workstations. And where the multi-disciplinary teams across different sites review patients’ progress jointly using a shared patient dashboard.

This is now possible with the new CARES applications. Cares@Home is a purpose built homecare application with embedded automation to help care staff plan and perform their administrative and clinical tasks seamlessly and collaboratively. Cares2Talk is our telehealth system with telepresence robots for clinicians to “move” autonomously. Cares4Wounds is our remote wound management system that enables care staff to assess, measure, record and track wound progress easily and work with senior clinicians for escalations.

What Makes Project RoboCARES Innovative?

1) First community care management application that integrates the use of telepresence robotics for telehealth.

2) Comprehensive Wound Management application that leverages 3D scanners and telehealth for remote wound management.

3) Cloud based community based care application that allows multidisciplinary teams to collaborate seamlessly and real time on patient care through a shared care platform.