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Winscribe Text
by Winscribe

What is Winscribe Text?

Winscribe Text is an essential tool in a Clinical Outpatient environment providing an integrated end-to-end medical report and document management solution for healthcare organizations that manages all steps in the documentation process – from creation to distribution. This next-generation system is a central platform for managing speech-driven documentation, as well as staff productivity, report distribution, quality assurance, and compliance.

Winscribe Text provides a user-friendly interface for speech-driven documentation that can be integrated with electronic patient management systems (PMSs), electronic medical records (EMRs) and other Health Information Systems (HISs), enabling fast and accurate reporting. Clinicians can use Winscribe Text to dictate patient reports and letters with a speech microphone, digital recorder or mobile device, as well as using traditional keyboard/shortcut methods if need be.

What Makes Winscribe Text Innovative?

Administrative and clinical documentation for healthcare organizations is a considerable task and can be burdensome to hospitals that are looking to improve patient care. Winscribe Text revolutionizes the way medical documentation processing and management is handled, while simplifying and speeding up the process. Winscribe Text has many innovative features to assist with the creation, processing, management and distribution of medical documentation and healthcare delivery platform, including:

- Full documentation management via customizable user interface that enables users to dictate, review, and eSign reports all from a single window

- The creation of reports and documents via front-end speech recognition, traditional dictation and transcription, mobile dictation or by self-typing

- Integrated and unified patient data from third-part HISs

- The ability to create and manage a single point for Word template management

- Advanced tracking and auditing capbilities

- The capability to move resources, monitor production, and assess real-time needs that streamline decision making