HIMSS Asia Pacific Innovation Hub

RingMD - Healthcare Communication Platform
by RingMD

What is RingMD?

RingMD is an application that quickly and easily connects patients and doctors with the best doctors from around the world. Whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, RingMD’s application allows doctors and patients to conduct video consultations, telephone calls, or even message each other from one seamless application.

RingMD made it easy for a patients to connect, while also making it easy for a doctor to connect at the scheduled appointment time. By mimicking what a patient is going through at the time s/he needs assistance our platform quickly helps patients get what they came to us in first place, and we think this is a critically important aspect of innovation.

What Makes RingMD Innovative?

There are currently few products in Asia that connect doctors and patients via computers and mobile devices as RingMD does. A few may operate on a local basis but most tend to provide “Q&A,” email, or messaging services. The few that do provide a similar product tend to be “all in one” solutions that provide all types of related services, including communications. 

Through the use of cutting edge HIPAA-compliant, video and connectivity technology, RingMD’s healthcare communication platform enables patient to quickly find quality doctors that can best assist them with their medical condition, regardless of where the doctor and patient are located.  

Patients and doctors can exchange data files, test results, and more, and doctors can consult colleagues directly from the RingMD platform. Patients pay a low per-consultation fee and choose from doctors anytime and anywhere.