HIMSS Asia Pacific Innovation Hub

by Klinify

What is Klinify?

Klinify helps doctors and hospitals go digital without changing their workflow. We combine everything healthcare professionals love about paper with all the convenience of a digital patient records system. 

Klinify solves the problem of paper based patient record management without changing the doctors’ workflow; doctors can keep writing just as they would on paper, but now they can also get the efficiency improvements of a digital system.

What Makes Klinify Innovative?

Klinify is the only tool that lets the doctor translate his/her existing workflow seamlessly onto a digital system. Doctors for the first time have the ability to use technology as an aid to adapt and improve their own workflow process, and make it smarter and more efficient. This results in very high adoption rates even in outpatient departments with high volume. Klinify use data to map usage patterns, allowing the device to help improve the workflow of doctors in an individual way, much like how the healthcare industry is striving for personalized medicine.

Traditional EMR software are clunky and feature loaded. They are built from an engineering point of view with design language that stretches to the early 2000s. They drove adoption by making billing and operations more efficient and try to use the same format to solve the pain points of the other stakeholders (doctors, nurses) in the ecosystem. Klinify solves one problem, the medical record management for doctors. Taking advantage of new input methods (stylus, active digitizers and multi touch), it removes unnecessary buttons and tucks them away into smart gestures.