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What Is MY SHINEOS+ About?

The Philippines is an archipelago with provinces separated by islands making setting up of internet infrastructure very challenging. However, the Department of Health recognizes the need to digitize health records to achieve universal health care, continuity of care and better service delivery networks.

At present, public and private entities are collaborating by providing certification to electronic medical record providers. Secured Health Information Network and Exchange (SHINE OS+) is web and mobile, cloud and stand alone, a duly recognized free and open source electronic and referral medical record system (shine.ph).

To date, it holds 96075 records in 282 health facilities. However, providing an EMR to local health clinics seems to disconnect the patient from direct access to personal health records. Realizations from deployment of SHINE OS+ since 2013 include the need to extend its use beyond the health care provider. There should be a paradigm shift in health care by allowing patients to have control over the management of their health. MySHINE is a solution to create a patient centric health record management system.

With MySHINE, patients have direct access to their personal health data, including consultations, prescriptions and laboratory requests and results. This is something that is not yet available in the Philippines as all EMRs are doctor-centric. With MySHINE, not only will personal health data be accessible to the patient.

It will also create a more pro-active management of personal health because of notification features that will be made available such as: reminders to medications, nutrition, appointments aside from access to nearest: laboratories, health facilities and services. MySHINE will be made available in all types of mobile devices, including feature phones which can only process voice and sms.

What Makes MY SHINEOS+ Innovative?

As of date, there is no existing mobile personal health record management that is connected to an existing electronic medical record, in the public health setting. If there are a few, they are not widely used.

In a developing country such as the Philippines, even patients are not aware of the relevance of managing their health through simple technologies such as mobile devices. MySHINE will revolutionize universal healthcare by first, connecting it to the EMR, and second, by creating a culture of pro-active care. We imagine MySHINE to be the UBER of personal health care.

Another innovation is to create it in all platforms so that it is technology inclusive, serving the most underserved population in the country.