HIMSS Asia Pacific Innovation Hub

Vector-borne Disease Surveillance and Control
by Esri

What Is Vector-borne Disease Surveillance and Control About?

When vector-borne disease outbreaks occur, fast, effective response protects people from infection and its consequences. Major response activities like prevention, surveillance, and control all happen in particular places at specific times.
As a result, location and time are key variables when controlling disease vectors, tracking outbreaks, coordinating treatments and keeping the public informed.

Our application assists agencies in vector surveillance, response to public requests, delivery of treatment and controls, and public outreach and education. Agencies can monitor geographic patterns and trends related to vector distribution and disease activity and then use this knowledge to target interventions.

Agencies can also disseminate authoritative information within and between departments. Staff can access information anywhere, any time and on any device – giving them shared intelligence that helps them work more efficiently

What Makes Vector-borne Disease Surveillance and Control Innovative?

Temporal and spatial information are critical to efforts to curb the spread of vector-borne disease. Geographic information systems offer a holistic view to the problem and provide the framework and the process for planning and coordinating workflows for rapid and effective response.

With a geospatial platform, you can collect and organize spatial knowledge, apply that knowledge to answer questions, then share those answers across departments and with the public. 
Our solution is a specialized implementation of the ArcGIS platform that can be quickly configured to address mosquito management needs and also remains scalable and extendable to serve an organization’s broad geospatial intelligence needs. 

To summarize, our innovation is innovative because: it takes advantage of an integrated geospatial platform, its quick to deploy, its scalable and extendable, and its accessible on any device, anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, our mobile components work on- or offline.