2018 Kaiser Permanente National Oncology Conference

The National Oncology Planning Committee would like to invite you to the Inaugural National Oncology Symposium.  This interdisciplinary conference is designed to bring together clinicians, scientists, administrators, and other staff involved in the care and research of patients with cancer from across the Kaiser Permanente national regions.

The purpose of the Symposium:

  1. For National Expert speakers to discuss the most exciting development in oncology
  2. For Kaiser Permanenete leaders to present the vision for the future state of KP Oncology
  3. For Regional sub specialty leads to share their experiences building the best cancer care programs within KP focusing on diagnosis and treatment, survivorship, and palliative care 

Each year approximately 50,000 patients across Kaiser Permanente are diagnosed with cancer. In our rapidly changing field it will take the contributions of clinicians, administrators, and many others continue give the best possible care to our patients. We hope the two days we spend together this April will help to inform each of you what is possible in the KP system and engage you in helping to develop our future together. 

Please note that we arranged agenda to start at 1pm on Friday afternoon to allow for travel in that morning and minimize access issues. 

We hope to see you there!

Robert Cooper, MD
Yan Li, MD, PhD
and the National Oncology Conference Planning Committee