presentations 2018

Thank you for attending W&V Pack 2018. Please click on the links below to download the available presentations.


Session 1 - Give This Person a Cigare: the Doon & Dirty of Wine Packaging - Randall Grahm

Session 2 - Consolidation in the Supply Chain: How to get the best brand packaging presence with a limited budget and power imbalance

Moderator- Lisa Ehrlich

Speaker - Rich Bouwer, Free Flow Wines

Speaker - Pedro Fernandes, Amorim Cork America

Speaker - Mark Peters, G3 Enterprises

Session 3 - Packaging that Sells - The Nielsen Company with Precept Wine

Session 4 - Wrap Your Head Around Alternative Packaging

Moderator- Andrew Adams

Speaker - Alison Crowe, Plata Wine Partners

Speaker - Nicolas Quille, Crimson Wine Group

Speaker - Jordan Kivelstadt, Free Flow Wines

Speaker - Rob McDonald, St Mayhem Craft Wine Coolers

Session 5 - Award-Winning Packaging