CX SF 2018

Pre-Forum Programs

Monday, October 1, 2018

Option 1
Summit: Data Management and Technology Strategies for CX Professionals
Pre-Registration Required - Pricing: $599

As the design and delivery of customer experiences becomes more rigorous, customer experience professionals must shift away from a reliance on experience and intuition towards the management and analysis of deep customer data. The challenges are many: The data you need may be scattered among different departments and partners; your team may lack the analytic tools necessary to make sense of it all; and the path from data to insight to action may be complex.

In this program, we will explore emerging best practices in data analysis for the CX professional, including:
  • Key data tools and platforms for CX
  • Best practices in core analytic techniques including predictive analytics
  • Leveraging customer data to inform and shape your CX strategy
  • Responding to customer concerns about the privacy and security of their data.
Presenters include
Joe Stanhope, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester on the promise and the hype of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)
Anjali Lai, Senior Data Analyst, Forrester on consumer change readiness
Tina Moffett, Senior Analyst, Forrester on journey analytics and the path to purchase
Rene Murphy, Principal Analyst, Forrester on data risk
Kelly Price, Analyst, on VOC data


Option 2
Bootcamp: Customer Journey Mapping For Development And Project Leadership Pros
Pre-Registration Required - Pricing $699 for Clients, $799 for Non-Clients, $599 for Government/Non-Profit

As an increasing number of companies make digital customer experience a strategic priority, leading firms are deploying customer journey maps as guideposts. Detailed journey analysis is critical as technology teams and their colleagues in other functions work together to translate customer needs and expectations into effective technology roadmaps.

This intensive, half-day workshop — designed for technology, product and development teams and built around hands-on exercises — teaches you how to create actionable customer journey maps, and provides the tools needed to rally stakeholders around customer-led digital transformation. This workshop’s exercises drive home key journey mapping concepts such as:
  • The seven steps to effective journey mapping.
  • The four approaches to mapping customer journeys.
  • Five essential checklist items to get started quickly and ensure effectiveness.

Hosted By:
T.J. Keitt, Senior Analyst, Forrester


Option 3
Workshop: Design, Execute and Govern—Transforming CX To Drive Growth Presented by KPMG. By invitation only.

Based on KPMG research and client experience from around the world, this 4-hour workshop provides CX leaders with powerful tools to deliver growth to the C-suite. Hands-on exercises demonstrate core concepts and essential accelerators, so participants can get started on designing, executing, and governing CX initiatives that:

  • Meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Align with business capabilities.
  • Cross channels, customers, and interactions.
  • Are financially sound.
  • Are constantly measured and improved.
  • Deliver results for the enterprise.
Hosted by:
Dave Wolf, Advisory Managing Director, Customer Solutions, KPMG
Jeff Mango, Advisory Managing Director, Customer Solutions, KPMG
Jeffrey Somers, Advisory Director, Customer Solutions, KPMG
Jodi Krawitt, Advisory Director, Customer Solutions, KPMG
Terry Walls, Advisory Director, Customer Solutions, KPMG

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities.

Pre-Registration Required - Invitation Only. To submit a request to be considered to attend, please email