ICCA Congress 2018
CONNECT: mind|body

COME VISIT the CONNECT: mind | body Lounge on the 1st floor of the Dubai World Trade Center during the 57th ICCA Congress with Cozy Seating, Guided Sessions, a DanceFloor Space to move to tunes or simply stretch tired limbs and network with attendees on a noble low-noise level.

An experience brought to you by ICCA, HealthTunes.org and BODY | MIND | SPIRIT by annemarie … take part in mindfulness sessions as scheduled or recharge to de-stressing and jetleg-recovery playlists especially curated for attendees of the 57th ICCA Congress's listening pleasure by HealthTunes.org

For HealthTunes.org listening experience:
- Please bring your own smartphone (or internet ready device) and personal headphones to the lounge & connect via ICCA WiFi
- Choose your favorite music genre and topic, ranging from jetlag recovery, to de-stress, calming your nerves to recharging and movement inspiring dance & disco tunes
- Indulge in a listening session in either the comfortable atmosphere and setting of Listening Nooks or move and dance on the DanceFloor in the CONNECT: mind|body lounge or even fly through the Dubai World Trade Center with HealthTunes in your ears.

HealthTunes.org please bring your own smartphone (or internet ready device) and headphones for the listening experience.

Imagine that the joy of listening to music can further your health, and that there is specific music for diagnoses?
May it be jet lag, insomnia - or just dealing with stress, recharging your own internal battery and deepening focus and concentration, - there is the right MusicMedicine available for your own personal needs.

HealthTunes.org provides a proprietary therapy builder, where supervisors curate individualized music playlists based on a patient’s diagnosis and symptoms. In this case, travel related issues and work related and information overload related stress.

MusicMedicine works in three layers. The first layer of music triggers the patient’s emotional state, where music can instantly change moods. Secondly, the prescribed music helps to recall sensory memory, and the music triggers this precise association. Third, the music works on a physiological level bringing the parasympathetic nervous system into balance, also known as vagotonus.

HealthTunes has a vast library of music and sound that follows specific algorithms to improve one’s health. Tracks are mixed for specific ailments, including epilepsy and seizures. Even the hearing-impaired feel and experience health benefits with Music Medicine. Humans sense sound vibration through the skin, yielding health benefits.