ICCA Congress 2018
  • 1. Strong, custom-designed education programme for senior industry practitioners.

  • 2. Business opportunities for all delegates throughout the event programme.

  • 3. Exceptional networking: high level and global in scope.

  • 4. Experience ICCA's innovative use of technology.

  • 5. Expected participation of over 800 attendees.

  • 1. CEO's, company owners and senior directors: meet, exchange information, and do business with your peers from around the world.

  • 2. Middle managers in Sales & Marketing: groom your organisation's future leaders by exposing them to cutting-edge thinking and a better understanding of global competitive developments.

  • 3. Multiple delegates from each member: there will be too much in the programme for one individual to absorb. Many member companies will be sending two or more delegates.

  • 4. Members who have never previously attended: the Congress offers an excellent way to understand how to get the best Return on Investment

  • 5. Potential members: members are encouraged to let ICCA Head Office know about contacts who would make suitable, high quality new members, and who could be invited to attend as Observers.

  • 1. Marketing budget: delegates will have numerous business opportunities and will learn how to use ICCA's tools and services effectively.

  • 2. Education budget: intensive peer-group knowledge exchange plus input from senior clients and outside experts provides far greater ROI than traditional training courses.

  • 3. Membership budget: include Congress costs in your annual membership budget code so you are able to send at least one delegate each year.

  • Each year ICCA puts together a comprehensive 3 day education programme specifically for that year’s Congress, bringing together a creative mix of clients, external experts, and a wide range of those ICCA members who are undertaking the most innovative and exciting initiatives around the world. We avoid “off-the-shelf” presentations to ensure that the content is custom-designed to be as relevant for ICCA members as possible. A large proportion of the content is designed to stimulate strategic thinking and to consider future directions in which our industry is likely to evolve, and the economic, technological and societal changes that are driving this evolution.

  • The ICCA Congress is not just about high level education and exceptional networking. There are also opportunities for delegates to exchange detailed information about key international events they have recently hosted or helped to organise. More and more delegates are signing up for this “Business Exchange” option at the Congress, which allows them to return to their offices with literally dozens of potential business leads, or new and invaluable information about specific events which they are already in the process of trying to win for their company or destination. We will be using the Tapcrowd mobile application to assist delegates to identify and meet up with colleagues who hold information on events they are interested in. This process runs throughout the whole length of the event.

  • Also part of the ICCA Congress is the “Expert Advice Appointments” programme. Those members who are offering services to other ICCA members will be available throughout the Congress for one-on-one meetings which can be set up in advance or on site – this is a particularly valuable new (and free) service for consultants, media, IT and AV, marketing representation companies, and other suppliers of Meetings Support services, enabling them to showcase their areas of unique expertise and knowledge, and helping delegates create a personalised Congress that meets their specific business needs.

  • More and more ICCA members are doing business with one another, and the Congress offers the ideal environment to identify new potential partners, suppliers of services, or clients for your own products and services. Delegates will be interviewing overseas marketing representatives, organising user-group meetings, and testing market reactions to new products and services. Over two-thirds of our delegates have high level budget responsibility, and approximately a quarter will be meeting planning specialists who offer access to both association and corporate clients and their events. ICCA aims to make the Congress a valuable business opportunity for each and every participant, since we understand and appreciate the investment in time and cash that attendance represents.

  • The international association meetings market segment is proving itself to be the most resilient segment, enabling destinations and companies which have targeted this business to cope, and in some cases to thrive, during the current turbulent economic environment. ICCA membership is the most cost-effective way to penetrate this market segment, and attendance at the Congress represents an intensive “Master Class” in how best to achieve this penetration. This is probably the most compelling business rationale for attendance for any ICCA members who are not yet fully exploiting this market segment.

  • Ask any delegate to an ICCA Congress about what makes it unique, and the most common answer is sure to be that we deliver high level delegates (two thirds are CEO’s, company owners, or senior level directors) and a truly global audience.

  • We have invested heavily in technology (the Tapcrowd mobile application), so that each delegate will find it easy to identify and get in touch with every attendee they wish to communicate with. This contact information will remain available to all delegates for years after the Congress, further enhancing the networking value of being a member.

  • The contacts ICCA members make at the Congress can play a powerful role in delegates’ future personal career development, providing help and advice in solving problems, offering information on recently hosted international events, and exposing individuals to new business cultures and ways of overcoming business challenges.

  • ICCA will continue to run its congress in an environmentally friendly manner. Educational content will all be electronically available, delegate feedback will be collected electronically only, badges will be biodegradable, no congress bags are handed out, and numerous other small incremental environmental initiatives are underway.

  • "The ICCA Congress continues to rank amongst the top industry association meetings in the world. It raises the bar year on year but this can only be achieved with the fantastic professionalism and friendliness of the ICCA staff. It an an unmissable event if you want to be at forefront of industry knowledge and business networking."
    Tom Hulton, IMEX Group, United Kingdom

  • "The ICCA Congress is one of the best business development platforms to become successful in the meetings industry. It really exceeds my expectations every year."
    Juan José García, Barceló Congresos, Spain

  • "New ideas, new friendships, new discussions all come together at the ICCA Congress!"
    Aileen Crawford, Glasgow City marketing Bureau, United Kingdom

  • "A one-stop shopping for worldwide networking with peers; and educational trend sessions in a friendly and first-class environment!"
    Eric Abramson, Nice Acropolis, France

  • "The ICCA Congress is THE place to interact with the decision-makers in our industry. Important business is done during the event and truly proves the value of face to face meetings."
    Ben Goedegebuure, Maritz Travel, U.S.A.