Association Meeting Programme 2018

Visa Information

Business travellers are urged to consider whether they need a visa to travel to Slovenia to participate in a conference or meeting. EU citizens do not need to possess a visa, they can simply travel on either a passport or ID card. Non-EU citizens are kindly advised to check the requirements at the website of the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Slovenia has in 2007 entered the Schengen Agreement. Those already possessing a Schengen Visa can enter Slovenia if the visa is still valid for a sufficient period of time and if it was issued for Schengen states (Slovenia included). Slovenia doesn’t have embassies in all countries. In some cases embassies of other Schengen states represent Slovenia in visa procedures. If there is neither a Slovenian embassy nor a representative embassy of a specific country, the visa applicant must visit the nearest Slovenian embassy. It is recommended to begin the visa application procedure two months before the travel date, as while the procedure usually lasts a few days, it can take longer due to the need for documentation verification. Business visa applications must be accompanied by a letter of guarantee.

Delegates and guests who require a visa can request an invitation letter from ICCA. Please send your passport details to the ICCA Events Department.

Please note this information is intended to give a general understanding and may be subject to change. Travellers should check with their local Slovenian embassy or local travel agent.