Data Insights 2018

Optional Pre-Forum Workshops

Exclusive workshops at Forrester's Data Strategy & Insights Forum 2018

Date: Monday, December 3, 2018
Time: 1:00-5:00 p.m. EST
Location: JW Marriott Orlando

Option 1
Use The Five-Step Playbook For Data Storytelling To Drive More Value
Pre-Registration Required - Pricing $699 for Clients, $799 for Non-Clients, $599 for Government/Non-Profit

Many data professionals believe that data speaks for itself in reports, in dashboards, in presentations. It doesn’t. And here’s the proof: despite continuous investment in data, technology, and people, there’s an alarmingly low percentage of actions taken from data-to-insights work. In Forrester’s 2018 Business Technographics® survey results, data and analytics pros report that their firms are making no more decisions using quantitative information and analysis than they did in 2017 … and fewer than in 2016. This can’t continue, and for their role and career success, data and insights pros must take more ownership of changing this. Great data storytelling is your key tool. Through interactive discussion and a series of exercises, you’ll learn:
  • The two primary blockers of getting more actions and value from data and insights – and how to break through
  • The five-step playbook you and your teams will use for repeatable success in data storytelling and visualization that drives actions
  • How to prepare, present, and maintain your quiver of "speedthrough" stories: your new essential tool for broadening the adoption of the data and insights professional's work.
Hosted By:
Cinny Little, Senior Analyst, Forrester


Option 2
Driving Business Outcomes With Data Science
Pre-Registration Required - Pricing $699 for Clients, $799 for Non-Clients, $599 for Government/Non-Profit

Everyone wants to do more with data science – to leverage advanced analytics for strategic decisions and launch applications based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Enterprises are hiring ever larger numbers of data scientists, setting up data science centers of excellence, and launching initiatives to develop “citizen data scientists” across the organization. However, executives and data scientists alike are frustrated with the resulting business impact, because driving outcomes with data science is as much of a people and process challenge as it is a technological challenge. In this workshop we will delve into the best practices and tools for driving outcomes with data science. You’ll learn:
  • Techniques for overcoming the divides between the business, data science, and IT
  • How a “jobs to be done” framework can help define and prioritize the most impactful data science projects/li>
  • How to structure effective data science teams
  • How to avoid typical project roadblocks by planning effectively
  • The latest tools for driving data scientist productivity and empowering “citizen data scientists”
Hosted By:
Kjell Carlsson, PhD, Senior Analyst, Forrester