Chargebacks level 3

23 & 24 May 2018, Moscow

This Level 3 seminar covers the most difficult chargeback scenarios and related issues and is designed for the most experienced chargeback practitioners, with at least two years’ experience and who have attended the chargebacks Level 2 seminar within the last two years.

Limited presentations are given to participants to cover the latest rule changes before they are set to work on advanced arbitration and compliance scenarios where they will determine the correct solutions for the disputes described.

Available via Open seminar Open

On Demand OD
Duration 2 days
Of interest to Issuer - Acquirer - Processor
Level Specialize
Profile Programmer/Technical

Venue info:

Marriott Aurora
Petrovka St-Bld 11, - Moscow

  • Rules update
  • Overview of chargeback processing
  • Reminder chargeback reason codes for Mastercard
  • Arbitration and compliance procedures
  • Case studies
  • Quizzes