2018 Plastic Surgery Symposium

We are proud to present the Kaiser Permanente Plastic Surgery Symposium and invite you to join us as we maintain professional excellence and enhance patient care management through the tradition of providing progressive plastic surgery education. Plastic Surgery, more than most specialties, is a constantly changing field, and as such, we need to be well appraised of changes in technologies, surgical techniques, surgical protocols, and anatomical considerations.

We have assembled an outstanding panel of speakers sharing their expertise and knowledge for state of the art evaluation and treatment of patients with breast cancer – including updated information regarding reconstruction and radiation therapy, new techniques in implant reconstruction, esthetic evaluation of the breast, as well as a comprehensive review of Breast Implant associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. In addition, new techniques and information on the treatment patients with upper extremity injuries, and optimal procedures for transgender patients needing phalloplasty will be highlighted We will explore complexity of procedures, technical details, and innovations. An open forum with the faculty will encourage audience participation, questions, and discussion.

It's also a great opportunity to be able to interact with Kaiser Permanente plastic surgery colleagues from around the region and state, and share best practices.

We encourage you to attend this event.

Dong-Joon Lee, MD FACS
and the Symposium Planning Committee