HOW Design Live Wrap-Up

There’s no way to capture in words the energy and excitement that is HOW Design Live. But this tweet from @kray4cy pretty much sums up how everyone is feeling right now:
Took yesterday off from life to recover from #HOWLive. That was one hell of a weekend! Wish I could do it all again!
Like a roller coaster of creative inspiration, HOW Design Live is a wild ride, no matter which events you choose to attend. The Creative Freelancer Conference and the In-HOWse Managers Conference focused on running a better design business whether you manage a corporate creative team or work as a solopreneur. The Dieline Package Design Conference offered advice and best practices for branding, creativity and production in the packaging design space. While the HOW Design Conference offered inspiration and advice for designers of at all levels.

If there’s one message that came through clearly for the entire event, it was the importance of authenticity. To be a great designer, you have to be true to yourself and your creative process. To create a great brand, you have to work from a position of truth and transparency.

As opening keynote speaker Sam Harrison put it:
You are the best ________-style designer in the world.” Just fill in the blank with your name and always work with passion and enthusiasm. It’s the only way to be a successful designer in the long term."
As @Rotovision_SA put it on Twitter:
Fantastic opening talk by Sam Harrison at #HOWLive No longer will I sit and wait for life to give me a back rub and a cookie. I am the one!
We’re already starting to plan HOW Design Live 2013, so stay tuned for details as they develop. If you’re looking for a creativity-boosting, life-changing experience, we’ve got you covered!