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Chief Financial Officer


Dr. GU Feng is currently CFO of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, he was also Executive Director of the company's Capital Operations Department. Dr. GU oversees the company's corporate finance and investment activities, as well as asset management, financial accounting, taxation, and investor relations.

Dr. GU Feng is a long time veteran of the automotive industry; in 1997 he joined the Finance Department of Shanghai General Motors Corporation, the largest Sino-US joint venture at the time. Dr. GU participated in the entire process of founding of the new joint venture's finance system, and has made tremendous contributions to the joint venture's financial/accounting system, business process and information system.

In 2001 Dr. GU was promoted to Director of Finance Department/Asset Management Department at Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation Limited, and has led various domestic and cross border merger and acquisition transactions, as well as the group's restructure and initial public offering. Dr. GU has accumulated tremendous experience in restructure and reform of state-owned enterprises, enterprise operation in capital market, as well as merger and acquisition.

In 2007, Dr. GU was appointed CFO of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, and takes overall responsibility of the financial management of the new public company. Dr. GU is familiar with domestic regulations and requirements, and investment and financing practice in domestic capital markets. He has successfully raised capital several times with various financial tools, and provided funding for the rapid growth for the country's largest automotive conglomerate.

Dr. GU holds a bachelor degree in economics from Southeast University and a master degree in finance from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, he also has a Ph.D. in Management from Tongji University. Dr. GU is also a Certified Public Accountant and Senior Accountant.