World Customs and Trade Forum
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Dr. Ishii, Senior Consultant of Nomura Research Institute has a professional experience of more than twenty four years with g global supply chain strategy, global transport and logistics infrastructure planning and those financial strategies. He has been involved with trade facilitation program by Government and ICT (Information Communication Technology) program for transport industry and transport infrastructure industry.  His customers are global manufactures, retail industries and global transport industries.

He has teaching experiences at Hanoi University of Technology, Hitotsubashi University and Keio University as a lecturer for Global supply chain and logistics during 2005-2008.

   He also takes part in official committees conducted by the Japanese Government including Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism/ Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry. He obtained his expertise through a number of memberships for international standard development activities such as United Nations/EDIFACT for Transport (TBG3 Group) since 1998, an expert for ISO TC204 Working Group 7 (Intelligent Transport System for General Fleet Management and Commercial Freight Operation) since 2002.

Most recently Dr. Ishii was engaged in advanced technology development for international transport and logistics industry like Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) by working together with ISO/TC104 (Freight Container) and ISO/TC122 (Packaging). He has made many presentations globally with International forums and conventions in APEC, WCO, GS1 and ISO. He is now strongly promoting Supply Chain Visibility, working together with Japanese Government of Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry (METI).