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Director General of Information & International Affairs Bureau


         Mr. Il-sok CHUNG is Director General of Information Management & International Cooperation Bureau at the Korea Customs Service(KCS). Since he passed the 30th State Exam for Higher Civil Servants in 1986, he has held a number of major positions at the KCS: Director of Information Management Division at the KCS, Director General of Clearance Bureau at the Incheon Customs, Consul of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong, and Director of Audit Policy Division at the KCS. In particular, he had worked for the WCO Secretariat for two years from December 1996 to December 1998.

          Director General CHUNG leads and supervises the development/operation of customs administration informatization system for accurate and fast process. He is also responsible for the Promotion of Korea’s e-clearance system (UNI-PASS), comprehensive risk management, the conclusion of MRAs with foreign Customs, and cooperation with international organizations such as WCO, APEC, ASEM, and WTO.

          In particular, he has contributed a lot to the designation of Korea as the WCO Regional Training Center (RTC) in 2010, and to the creation of CCF-Korea. He is also carrying out projects to share Korea’s experience with members in the region in the area of AEO, DM, and SW for capacity building.

          He earned his B.A. in Trade from Seoul National University, Korea in 1985 and M.A. in Economics from University of Syracuse, U.S.A. in 1994.