World Customs and Trade Forum
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Head of International Trade, Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI)


For over 20 years’ Ms. Griffiths has chaired Australia’s National Guaranteeing Organisation for the ATA Carnet System, backed in by her experience working in the field of business facilitation and the improvement of the value chain. Her mission has been to educate, support and expedite access for companies around the world, enabling their growth and expanding their potential; Her vision is to create a preeminent support mechanism for Australian companies in trade-related services globally.

The development of a communications architecture that involves all stakeholders is a key element, while assisting businesses to achieve success in their commercial field. The identification of objectives, plans, commitment and backing, the goal being to achieve long-term sustainability, which includes financial, societal, environmental and corporate governance, whilst taking into consideration culture, timelines and the crucial return on investment.

Throughout her career, Ms. Griffiths has formed a number of high-level connections and strategic partnerships in Business, Government and the Chamber of Commerce network, both domestically and internationally. She is a nationally respected figure and a recognised authority on global linkages and related issues.