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Head of Operations


         Mr Slawomir Pichor joined the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) as the Head of Operations in January 2008. Since October 2010 he has served as the Deputy Head of Mission. Mr Pichor has more than 17 years experience in the Polish Customs Service. He holds the rank of Chief Inspector which is classed as General Officer equal to Brigadier General in the Armed Forces. Mr Pichor had been holding various senior managerial posts at the Polish Customs Service since 1997: Deputy Director General, Director of Regional Customs Office in Warsaw; Director of Internal Audit Department. He had a leading role in the reform process of the Polish Customs Service prior to the EU accession of the Republic of Poland with building new institutional capacity and introducing into force effective customs control on the EU external border. Mr Slawomir Pichor was educated in Poland and held Diploma in Audit in Public Administration of the Warsaw University, Diploma in Foreign Trade of the Warsaw School of Economics, Master of Science Degree in Transport of the Technical University of Radom. For his service General Pichor was honoured with the Silver Cross for Achievements for the Republic of Poland and the Medal for Achievements for the Police.