Eventcamp Vancouver
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Eventcamp Vancouver
11/04 - 11/06/2011
Event Description

Every day, we develop concepts and guest experiences that provide the basis of meaningful engagement. Let's join innovation to interaction, connect live or via live stream, and embrace the social in social media. Together we will design an industry-changing landscape of learning, enjoyment and opportunity. Join other passionate colleagues in creating an influential and industry changing legacy that will motivate our most experienced colleagues and provide fresh inspiration to a new generation of industry professionals. Welcome to the bonfire of new ideas. Welcome to Event Camp.

About Event Camp

The best thing about planning Event Camp Vancouver so far is the passion and energy that the people of our community are contributing to the success which will be shared by each of you attending this event. When you register and attend, you too will find that participants don’t just come to the event – they contribute and add to the event.

Event Camps have a rapidly building history of events created by event professionals for event professionals, where collectively we take risks and push boundaries exploring social media, hybrid events, innovative formats, peer-based learning, and remote and face-to-face engagement that builds relationships, all in unique settings.

Event Camp Vancouver will continue the traditions and yet still offer our own unique twists. Our host committee perspective is that collaboration is key in many areas of business, and certainly true for an event with this type of ripple effect. For Event Camp Vancouver we will be involving professionals from three continents, and will have some excellent shared programming live with Event Camp DC on Sunday, November 6th. This will be the first time that simultaneous live Event Camps will be tried, and we are excited about the possibilities and to share perspectives from both sides of the continent.

We want you to attend in person, but as at any camp, the number of bunks will be limited, so registration will be on a first-come basis. If you can’t attend live, then let us use the technology available to share with a greater audience than we could have previously imagined and consider joining as a remote attendee and join us for our specially crafted virtual program available on Saturday and Sunday morning.

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