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How often do you go out to eat at a restaurant in a typical week?

When deciding where to go for food, which technology do you use to search first?

In a typical month, how often do you order food using an online food ordering and delivery app?


These are a few questions Gen Z might answer very differently than the generations who have come before them….

The next generation has arrived. Are you ready for them?

For years, the foodservice industry has targeted millennials. As this demographic ages and has children of their own, the target has shifted to the future decision maker – Gen Z.


This first-of-its kind research commissioned by IFMA studies the next generation. IFMA Committee Members, in partnership with Jason Dorsey, President & Co-Founder of The Center for Generational Kinetics, curated this proprietary study which examines:

  • Gen Z eating habits and how they differ from other age groups
  • Dining decisions and the role technology plays
  • Communication methods to effectively reach this generation




IFMA Members: $5,000

Operators: $5,000

Non-Members: $10,000

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