Best of 2017: Intro to Coding
Best of 2017: Intro to Coding

Technology is advancing at break-neck speed, disrupting norms and driving progress. Global technology giants have emerged including Scotland’s own ‘unicorns’ – fast growth start-ups now valued at over a billion pounds - FanDuel and Skyscanner. As technological advances continue, more and more companies are, in effect, becoming technology businesses. BDO LLP has predicted that technology will be the biggest disruptive influence on the legal industry over the next five years while new terminology such as cloud, blockchain, fintech, AI and big data have become commonplace terms.

The legal profession face two distinct challenges. Clients expect their firm or in-house team to have a solid understanding of the issues while firms also need to consider deeply what technologies can be utilised to creative competitive advantage.

Building a picture of what all this means can feel overwhelming. Having practical experience rather than just theoretical knowledge is increasingly beneficial for lawyers. The Law Society is again partnering with CodeClan, Scotland’s pre-eminent digital skills academy, to provide this accredited CPD training to members who want future-proof themselves and their firms by gaining a working knowledge of coding.

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Testimonials from 'Intro to coding'
"I really can’t commend it highly enough, the course was fantastic and the quality of the instruction was absolutely first-rate"

"The skills we learned are relevant, not just to our clients, but to us as lawyers"

"Brilliant introduction, with real depth and really well delivered"

"Something every professional should complete"

"Enjoyable, informative introduction to coding for professionals who work with the tech sector but have no technical background"

“An excellent introduction to an area which is becoming more and more relevant to law”
“Well balanced between theory, practice and application”

“It was great to actually try to code and see how it works in practice”

Why should I attend?

You will explore the tools, techniques and terminology used by software and digital development teams, learn how to code a simple program and find out how contemporary web and software applications are developed and evolving.

During the session you will cover:
  • An introduction to the latest developments in automation and machine learning
  • An introduction to programming languages and data representation
  • Learning basic coding skills to create a simple command-line program accessing data
  • Key programming concepts, principles, vocabulary and the programming mindset