CTA Intelligence European Services Awards 2017: Categories

Best administrator - overall 
Best administrator - client service
Best administrator - innovation
Best administrator - technology
Best exchange - innovation
Best exchange - overall
Best FCM boutique
Best FCM - overall
Best FCM - client service
Best FCM - innovation
Best FCM - technology
Best capital introduction service
Best regulatory hosting platform 
Best compliance firm
Best cloud computing provider
Best IT infrastructure provider
Best consultancy firm
Best CTA managed account platform
Best CTA Ucits platform
Best cyber-security solution
Best data and information provider
Best marketing and communications consultancy
Best executive search - quant - NEW for 2017
Best middle and back office
Best technology firm overall
Best tax and audit service
Best trading and execution technology
Best valuation service
Best law firm - overall
Best law firm - client service
Best law firm - CTA start-up