Category  Winner Highly commended
Outstanding contribution  Karsten Schroeder, Amplitude Capital ACIL  
Management firm of the year Aspect Capital  
Diversified over $500m Aspect Diversified SEB Asset Selection
Managed futures Ucits fund over $100m Tungsten Trycon Basic Invest HAIG Tiber Diversified Program
Specialised CTA SteppenWolf Systematic Intelligence 20Vol  
Systematic macro under $1bn ADG Systematic Macro Fund  
Innovative fee product Nomura Cross Asset Momentum Ucits Fund   
Trend-follower over $1bn AHL Evolution Programme  
Newcomer Systematica Alternative Markets  
Short-term trader Amplitude Capital - Klassik Strategy SteppenWolf Systematic Intelligence 20Vol
Diversified under $500m Seven Absolute Return Fund Vivienne Ouessant
Long-term performance over $500m (5 years) AHL Evolution Programme Amplitude Capital - Klassik Strategy
Trend-follower under $1bn KeyQuant - Key Trends 20 Composite Lyxor Epsilon Global Trend Fund
Risk-adjusted return over $500m AHL Evolution Programme ADG Systematic Macro Fund
Systematic macro over $1bn CFM ISTrends  
Emerging manager Vivienne Mach 5 Systematic Absolute Return - Systematic Equity Arbitrage
Managed futures Ucits fund under $100m John Locke - Cyril Systematic Vivienne Ouessant
Multi-manager Abbey Global  
Long-term performance under $500m (5 years) Insch Kintore Strategy QuantMetrics Multi Strategy Fund
Trend-follower under $100m SMN Diversified Futures Fund  
Risk-adjusted return under $500m John Street Vantage