CTA Intelligence European Performance Awards: Winners 2015

CATEGORY WINNER Highly Commended
CTA long-term performance over 
$500m (5 years)  
Man AHL - Evolution  
CTA long-term performance under $500m 
(5 years)
Deep Field Capital - SINGULARITY Program KeyQuant - Key trends Program
Diversified CTA over $500m Aspect Diversified Fund ISAM Systematic Trend
Diversified CTA under $500m Dynamic Offshore Fund Mulvaney Global Markets Fund
Emerging CTA (12-36 months) Piquant Technologies Pegasus Fund John Street Systematic Strategy
Investable CTA index IDS F&F Systematic Trading  
Managed futures Ucits fund MontLake DUNN WMA Institutional Ucits Fund Tendance Finance - Next AM Fund
Multi-manager fund Abbey Capital - ACL Alternative Fund  
Newcomer CTA (12 months) Independent View Quantitative Futures Fund  
Risk adjusted return over $500m (3 years) Man AHL - Evolution  
Risk adjusted return under $500m (3 years) Metzler - Nordea 1 - Heracles Long/Short MI Fund  
Short term trader Dacharan FX High Exposure Fund Deep Field Capital - Singularity Program
Specialised CTA Alder Capital- Alder Global 20
Trend follower over $500m ISAM Systematic Trend Lynx
Trend follower under $500m Mulvaney Global Markets Fund  
Systematic macro Brevan Howard Systematic Trading Fund IPM Systematic Macro Fund
Innovative fee product GSA Capital TREND Risk Premia Fund  
Outstanding contibution Leda Braga, Systematica Investments  
Management firm of the year Man AHL