Over two days, the HROA will officially welcome the HRO Buyers Group into the HROA, hold Buyers Group meetings for incoming and established buy-side communities, host an Awards Dinner and Gala, offer challenging Thought Leadership Presentations, and introduce an exciting new Community experience session. Formal meetings of the Global, North American and RPO Alliance SIG Boards will be held on either side of the main events, making this a truly diverse program with appeal for everyone involved in HRO.

HROA Buyers SIG Meeting

Wednesday Afternoon

HROA Awards Gala

Wednesday Evening

HROA Networking and Community Event
Thursday morning

BeEmpowered as HROA Buyers Groups meet on the first afternoon to learn more about the benefits of membership in the HROA for buyers, and to launch the formation of a new Global HROA Buyers Special Interest Group (SIG).  The sessions will discuss opportunities for global co-ordination and liaison with local Buyers Group activities across all areas of the Association, including the RPO Buyers Group and the HROA Europe Buyers Group, as well as other HROA Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Chapters, and Committees.

The afternoon’s agenda will also include a Guest Speaker and the usual HROA Buyers Group discussion forum where a topical issue is shared and discussed by the Buyer-only audience. The group will also pose a series of questions that will be worked-through in the networking session the following day.

This is a unique opportunity for many of the leading minds of HRO, RPO, Learning and Payroll to come together in a Buyers-only forum, and to meet new peers in advance of the Awards Gala and the Networking event on the Thursday morning.

BeEmpowered as the annual HROA Awards Gala announces the 2011 HROA Trustee and regional Awards recognizing individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the HRO industry on a broader scale.  

All nominations are required to provide demonstrable evidence of how the nominee (s), through their efforts, have empowered their organizations and / or the HRO industry within the awards year.

HROA Trustee Awards

  • Thought Leader of the Year
  • Buyer Executive of the Year
  • Provider Executive of the Year
  • Customer Relationship of the Year

Regional Chapter Awards

  • Thought Leader of the Year (NA)
  • Customer Relationship of the Year (NA)
  • Customer Relationship of the Year (EU) - Presented at HRO Summit Europe 2-4th November
  • Thought Leader of the Year (AP)
  • Customer Relationship of the Year (AP) -  Both AP Awards Presented at convened dinner in October
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BeEmpowered as HROA Members (buyer, provider, advisor and technology partners) meet for a morning of thought-inspiring presentations on the HR marketplace.

Phil Fersht will keynote providing an insight to his latest HRO Research and also discuss the current Hot Topics of the industry.

The ‘Community experience’ will follow the mid-morning break where attendees can meet people from across the Association to find out how to progress their own HRO journey.

Running in parallel will be 'Hot Topics' tables where attendees can participate in dialogue and actions around some of the main topics on the HRO agenda today.





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