The Beat Live 2011
Is travel distribution's paradigm shifting or is it what it is? Are you ready to think outside the box and take it to the next level?

Take it all offline at The Beat Live in Las Vegas, September 19-21, where at the end of the day you will have proactively added value to all the low-hanging fruit you can leverage.

We all have a lot on our plates, but The Beat Live's 30,000-foot view will offer you all the best practices and synergies you need to work smarter going foward. It's an impactful net-net win win. We do whatever it takes to help you be robust. And don't forget how you can circle back, touch base and get on the same page as some of the business travel distribution industry's most influential executives.

The Beat Live is not about buzzwords and a conference theme or panelists prepped with talking points. Speakers can't dodge the Q&A.

You know The Beat. And if you don't, this event isn't for you. In fact, you're not invited. (Unless you subscribe--Thank you!)

What will we be talking about?
a) We'll find out when we get there.
b) The latest industry issues affecting corporate travel management companies, corporate travel buyers and their technology and travel suppliers.

Register Now at right, or explore this site and the latest agenda. If you are a subscriber to The Beat, consider yourself invited.
At The Beat Live, we really are all rockstars.
It's a holistic no-brainer.*