Not Your Father's 2017
Not Your Father's Labor Environment: The New RealityDecember 7-8, 2017

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) under the Obama administration changed most major rules regulating how unions organize and engage in collective bargaining; none of those changes favored management. There was hope, however, that a new administration would be able to moderate those trends. But, it has taken the Trump administration longer than expected to start addressing this environment. By the time we gather in December, we will have two new NLRB members and hopefully at least a General Counsel nominee—each more management-minded than their predecessors. During this seminar, we will introduce the new NLRB and, more importantly, make some predictions about the pace and the areas for anticipated change. We also will review the current state of the law as this past year has proven that reversing the legacy of the Obama NLRB will be a slow and painstaking endeavor.


• The New NLRB: Who Are the New Members and What Difference (If Any) Will They Make?

• Life Under the Ambush Election Rules: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

• Joint Employer Status and Combined Voting Units: BFI and Miller & Anderson Still Control

• Developments With Specialty Healthcare and Micro-Units

• Status of the Persuader Rule

• Review of Major Organizing Campaigns: New Tactics and New Targets

• Dealing with Millennials and Unions: The Future of the Labor Movement

• Expanded Concepts of Protected Concerted Activity

• Collective Bargaining Under the New Rules

• Cutting-Edge Employee Engagement

• How to Prepare for the Future