ad:tech University 2011
ad:tech University is an intensive, one day course designed specifically for those who want to quickly advance their knowledge and practical abilities in digital media & marketing.

Accelerate your digital media awareness and skills through a carefully crafted program of content, exercises and networking.  All packaged into a learning experience that includes a highly interactive & practical onsite program, supported by e-learning modules to truly cement your digital knowledge to increase the value that you bring to your role and organisation.

The details

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Why choose the ad:tech University?

  • It’s interactive: learn with others, share ideas, workshop problems, collaborate on solutions
  • One day intensive learning: just one day out of the office is enough to significantly progress your skills & knowledge
  • Practical learning: each module includes exercises that enable you to get hands on with the platforms, tools and techniques that you’ve been learning about
  • Specifically tailored course: we’ve researched the market to structure content that’s entirely focused on your needs meaning the whole day will be valuable to you
  • Specialised course leader: Patty Keegan has been working in digital media & marketing for over 20 years, in addition to being a well respected digital practitioner she’s also been a course instructor for five years now and is widely commended for her ability to educate, inspire and enthuse those in the digital market
  • Independently programmed guest speakers: in addition to the course leader, you’ll hear from guest speakers who have been hand-picked for their expertise and experience in their field. No bias, no buying on to the program, just well respected talent, brought along for your benefit
  • Best value digital marketing course for just $650+GST - with group discounts also available
  • e-learning modules: the ad:tech University course is supported by online modules that are available for you to study in your own time, at your own pace.  Following attendance at the ad:tech University you'll receive access to the e-learning syllabus so that you can repeat modules that you found particularly useful or perhaps challenging, do exercises to practice what you've studied, and really reinforce what you learned at the ad:tech University
  • Excellent networking: by spending the day with other, like-minded professionals who have similar challenges & opportunities to you, you can come away with a list of genuinely useful contacts
  • Derive more value from your critical stakeholders: improve communication with your digital agencies and suppliers through a better understanding of their services and capabilities
  • An autonomous view of the market: gain an understanding of how consumers and marketers are behaving in the online world -in a relevant, engaging way that will give you and your team enormous confidence in engaging marketers and agencies with innovative ideas and proposals
  • Flexibility: learn through onsite education at the ad:tech University and supporting e-learning modules
Any questions about the ad:tech University, you can contact us here.