International Bullying Prevention Conference

The Fat Boy Chronicles
Michael Buchanan’s co-authored novel, The Fat Boy Chronicles, won the National Parenting Publication’s Gold Award, and Mom’s Choice Award of Excellence and was recently featured in Publishers Weekly. The novel is used by schools around the nation in their anti-bullying and childhood obesity efforts. Buchanan also wrote the screenplay for the feature film adapted from the book. The movie won multiple awards for its impacting, yet hopeful depiction of an obese and bullied 9th grader’s world. Since its release in 2012, millions around the world have seen the film. Doctors, teachers and parents in every state support both the book and movie. Buchanan and his co-author Diane Lang are guest speakers at schools nationwide as well as conferences where they discuss the issues of bullying, childhood obesity and these issues’ connections to academics. The authors won the 2014 NY Champions of Character Award for Literature. The pair also conducts writing/screenwriting workshops for middle and high school students. The sequel to The Fat Boy Chronicles is underway while their next book, Treasure of the Four Lions, is completed. Buchanan is lead writer for the documentaries Spiral Bound and Nature Matters, feature-length films about the importance of the arts and nature, respectively. Buchanan is a nationally recognized retired math and science teacher. His hobbies include diving in alligator-infested rivers searching for fossils and artifacts. His paintings are in galleries and homes throughout the South. Buchanan lives in Alpharetta.