International Bullying Prevention Conference
D8. The Power of Peer- engaging young people in online safety and Anti-Bullying work

, Senior Anti-Bullying Project Manager, The Diana Award

At The Diana Award we believe that young people are the best agents for change in their schools and communities. We have trained over 25,000 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and Be Strong Online Ambassadors in schools across the country. Our programmes harness the ‘Power of Peer’, empowering young people with the skills, confidence and knowledge to make become role models on bullying, online safety and digital skills in their schools. In this seminar we explore how educators can implement effective peer-led anti-bullying and online safety programmes in schools and youth settings. We will explore the rationale behind peer-to-peer approaches, examples of good practice from schools we’ve worked with, and how to use social media to maximise the impact of peer-led programmes. Through videos, case studies and an interactive Q&A session, you will gain practical ideas and inspiration to implement an effective anti-bullying or online safety campaign in your setting.