Brexit - the impact on perishable logistics

LATEST NEWS - Article 50 to be triggered 29 March alongside Cool Logistics Brexit Seminar.

Food logistics - have you prepared your Brexit strategy?

We believe that sharing knowledge and expertise is only way stakeholders in the perishable supply chain will be able to fully prepare for a post Brexit landscape. Brexit has the potential to significantly impact all perishable supply chains in and out of the U.K, throwing up a number of industry specific challenges:

What does Brexit mean for all the stakeholders in UK food trade ?

How will existing supply chains be affected?

How will it impact food sourcing, pricing & imports?

What will it mean for food exports?

What could cross border food trade, transport & logistics look like after Brexit?

What are the implications for food safety & security?

Could currency fluctuation
& trade barriers create issues in distribution & storage?

How should food logistics professionals be planning now to mitigate risk and maximise opportunity?

No one has a clear picture of what to do when Brexit happens. With the UK government expected to invoke Article 50 by the end of the month, companies need to be planning now for all possible scenarios to mitigate business risk and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

This one day seminar brought to you by the organisers of Cool Logistics Global offers a unique opportunity for all stakeholders of the perishable logistics industry to air thoughts and analyse how trade flows of fresh and frozen perishable goods will change in the years to come. Taking place on Wednesday 29 March at The Cavendish Hotel in London, the event will provide a much needed space for companies throughout the cold chain to consider their response given different scenarios after Brexit.

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Who should be there?

The seminar is aimed at the entire fresh and frozen product logistics chain from farm to fork. If you want to trade into the UK, you should be there.

  • Retailers
  • Producers
  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Global and regional logistics / transport providers
  • Infrastructure providers
  • Infrastructure investors
  • Port and cold store operators
  • DC operators
  • Logistics technology solution providers

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