Applying for a newly qualified solicitor position
Applying for a newly qualified solicitor position

In the current market, the completion for newly-qualified solicitor positions can be tough. Even more so if a period of time has elapsed since you completed your traineeship.

If you are concerned that new solicitors who have more recently completed their traineeship have an advantage over you, then this online seminar is for you.

During this seminar, the presenter will identify areas for you to consider which will give you the advantage.

By viewing this seminar you will have a better understanding of-
  • the best way to find out what an employer is looking for
  • how to prepare your CV using the STAR approach –Situation/Task/Action/Result
  • how best to participate at an interview
This seminar is presented by Roderick Wylie, a chartered secretary with over 25 years’ senior management experience across multi-disciplinary functions in the private, public and voluntary sectors. This includes experience at strategic, managerial and operational levels.