ICCA Congress 2017
Important notice: Business Exchange at the ICCA Congress will now be held on Saturday 11 November 2017.
What is the Bussiness Exchange (BE)
  • Still potentially the most valuable part of the Congress in terms of Return on Investment is the Business Exchange. Rather like speed-dating with business leads, it is the easiest way to find new business leads for your venue or destination. If you can bring just one lead back to the office then the registration fee is already money well spent!

    Once you have won an association meeting, it isn’t likely come back to the same destination for approximately 10-15 years. And once the event is secured, there are two things you can do with your acquired information about that meeting: you can save it in your archive, where in a couple of years it will be too out-dated to use again. Or you can exchange this information for up to date and current inside information on other events you might win now. The latter you can do at the BE.

    All ICCA members are invited to take part in the BE. It is free of charge, but pre-registration is necessary. To get an idea of the type of information which is being exchanged at the BE sessions, please see an example of the required forms for participation here: BE form

    More information on this year's BE will be send with your confirmation e-mail. The instructions also include a link to an online application form where you will need to complete information on the event you are putting forward for the Business Exchange.

    Please note that you can only participate in the business exchange if you have submitted a lead which is approved by ICCA HO. Please be informed that if your colleague would like to attend the session as well he or she must also submit their own lead. It is not possible for two or more people to join the session with/under the same lead.

Bussiness Lead Criteria
  • 1. Your lead must attract at least 250 participants.

  • 2. Your lead must be held on a regular basis.

  • 3. Your lead must rotate between at least 3 different countries.

  • 4. You must have won the lead which you are proposing

  • 5. In case of a past meeting, it should not have taken place more than 2 years ago.

  • 6. Make sure that you have inside knowledge about your lead which you obtained by bidding for or with organizing/hosting the meeting. Be aware of the fact that you need to share this information with other BE participants during the BE session(s).

  • Note that the bigger the rotation area is; the more interesting your Lead will be for the other BE participants. (For instance; a meeting with a World/ International rotation will generate interest with more members than a meeting which only rotates between German speaking countries.)

What Happens When you Propose a Lead

  • How to submit a lead for the Business Exchange

  • Once we have received your completed BE Lead proposal form we will check the suitability of the event and upon approval you will receive a confirmation that you are now registered for the Business Exchange. A few weeks before the events starts you will be able to see an overview of who will bring which lead to the BE session in the ICCA online database. This will allow you to get in touch with BE participants beforehand and to set up appointments outside of the BE session itself (For example: during lunch, networking breaks, etc.).

How will it work at the Event

  • How will the BE session 2017 work in Prague

  • In order to get the best out of the Business Exchange and, taking into consideration feedback received from previous participants who have attended a BE session during past congresses, adequate time and space is needed without conflicting with any education sessions or meetings. The only way to achieve this is to move the Business Exchange one day before the ICCA Congress starts.

    The Business Exchange Session will be 3 hours of lead exchange ending with some drinks and snacks allowing all BE participants to continue previous discussions or talk to those you didn’t manage to meet during the session. It will take place from 14.00 until 18.00 on Saturday 11 November 2017.

    During the BE session you are required to present your lead only once to other BE participants who are interested in your lead. If it is not your turn to present or if you have already done your presentation you are free to join any other presentations of your choice. More details on the BE sessions including the schedule when to present will be sent to all participants before the Congress. Please note that the information will only be sent to you if you have completed the BE proposal form and received the BE confirmation.

    Please keep in mind that your presence is required in these sessions. No-shows may result in your company being excluded in the future BE sessions and access to the BE leads in the association database will be withdrawn.

The deadline to submit your lead is 13 October 2017.