AGD2017 Las Vegas
F53: There’s No Traffic on the Extra Mile (Leadership for the Dental Professional)

Subject: 770 - Self-Improvement
Credits: 1 (Lecture)
Saturday, July 15: 12 to 2 p.m.
Audience: D, ST, R
Fee: Free with Registration!
Location: Student - New Dentist Lounge

Speaker bio: Loveland, OH; CEO, BigFish Dental

Today it is critical to differentiate dental professionals as leaders. Being a leader is not only having a clear vision, it is the ability to share that vision so others will be inspired to think and act creatively in any situation to achieve a common goal. Learn to create a culture that can influence teams to perform their very best and create a system of shared passion in an environment that breeds growth, development, and productivity. Millennials have a unique opportunity to affect the dental culture that defines a clear vision of the future and promotes everyday leadership. Understanding the basics of inspiring members of the team whether you’ve opened your own practice or are beginning as an associate is integral to the success. In this interactive course you will learn to communicate integrity in a way that inspires the members of your team to want to be, do, and achieve more regardless of position. Explore what kind of leader you are and how you can adapt those unique leadership qualities to create value for your team. This program has been specifically designed for the millennial dental professional to elevate them as leaders in their practices, associations and lives by changing the way they think about what they do everyday. When you think differently about what you do, you act differently and others will be inspired to follow.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define leadership and apply it to everyday practice.
  • Learn leadership style(s) based on strengths and personality.
  • Use self and social awareness skills to relate to team members and inspire growth and productivity.
  • Build everyday leadership skills and capitalize on your unique brand of leadership to contribute to the success of your practice.

Crest Oral-B is the Presenting Sponsor of this course.