AGD2017 Las Vegas
F31: The #1 Way to Increase Referrals and Maximize Retention
  , CEO, The Newsletter Pro

Subject: 550 – Practice Management & Human Relations
Credits: 1 (Lecture)
Thursday, July 13: 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.
Audience: DTC (D, H, A, O, T), ST, R
Fee: Free with registration!
Location: Exhibit Hall

Speaker bio: Boise, ID; CEO, The Newsletter ProTM

Description:  Newsletters are an ideal tool for personalized marketing and allows readers the opportunity to get to know the doctor on a deeper level. This results in more loyal patients and the ideal referral system. Shaun explains how referrals cannot happen without the relationship, which is more easily achieved by getting personal — connecting with readers and patients and finding a common ground. Shaun presents the science of newsletters, and provides an in-depth look at the #1 way to grow your practice — with the power of relationships. On this foundation, referrals and retention will flourish, allowing a practice to experience true (and notable) growth.

This presentation discusses the importance of not only building, but maintaining relationships for business success; and explains how attention must be paid to retention — making sure patients continue to return for treatment — and to increasing referrals in order to grow a practice.

This learning Lab is brought to you by The Newsletter ProTM.