AGD2017 Las Vegas
F32: Guided Surgery for The Masses: Simple, Effective, and Affordable
  , Blue Sky Bio

Subject: 690 – Implants
Credits: 1 (Lecture)
Friday, July 14: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Audience: D, ST, R
Fee: Free with Registration!
Location: Exhibit Hall

Speaker bio: Winchester, TN; private practice

Description: More than 30 million Americans are missing teeth and could benefit from implants and yet only 10% of all US dentists are placing them. This rapidly evolving field can be intimidating to those who were not formally trained in placing implants. This practical course will show how recent developments in technology can remove the uncertainty and reduce the barriers to entry in implantology. It will demonstrate how dentists can place implants with greater accuracy, more predictability, and lower cost by embracing guided surgery.

Learning objectives:

  •       Develop an efficient method to plan and present implants as an option to your patients using free software.
  •       Learn how to plan dental implants from the restorative endpoint backwards
  •       Understand practical methods to minimize risks associated with implant placement
  •       Understand a universal approach to guided surgery without purchasing expensive kits
  •       Learn how to fabricate a CBCT guided surgical stent in house for $20
  •       Explore the benefits and costs of 3D printing in your office

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