AGD2017 Las Vegas
F36: Epidemic: Prescription Drug Abuse in America
  , Advanced Dental CE

Subject: 157 – Substance Abuse
Credits: 2 (Lecture)
Saturday, July 15: 12 to 2 p.m.
Audience: DTC (D, H, A, O, T), ST, R
Fee: Free with registration!
Location: Exhibit Hall

Speaker bio: Las Vegas, NV; Professor and Interim Chairperson, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, School of Dental Medicine

Description: The purpose of this two hour seminar presentation is to provide the participant with information concerning the problem of prescription opiate medication abuse in the United States. The science of pain stimulation and its management in acute and chronic settings will be presented. Additionally, discussion of solutions to this public health epidemic, including regulations and policies developed by governmental agencies and professional healthcare organizations, and the necessity for dental practitioners to appreciate the importance of the profession having a proactive role in the curtailment of prescription opiate medication abuse will be considered.

Learning objectives:
By attending  this  program  the participant will be able  to:

  • Present an overview of the scope of prescription drug abuse in Nevada and the USA.
  • Know the drugs that are most commonly abused.
  • Understand the dental professional's responsibility to prescribe alternatives to opiates for acute pain management in dentistry when possible.
  • Appreciate the need to choose NSAIDs as an alternative to central acting opioids for acute, short term, moderate to severe pain relief.
  • Present information regarding the CDC Drug Take Back program.
  • Use the Nevada PMP protocol for writing obtundent drug Rxs.
  • Describe the physiologic pathways related to initiation of pain symptoms and their diminution.
  • Appreciate the need to maintain thorough and current records of the patient's Rx, OTC, herbal, and recreational medications to prevent treatment complications in dental practice.
  • Build a foundational knowledge of the ethical and legal requirements for prescribing appropriate amounts and dosages of opiate medications.
  • Critically evaluate relevant pharmacological, dental, and governmental scientific literature regarding an evidence-based understanding of the problems related to indiscriminant use of opioid and other abused prescription medications in America.

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